We will carry out research that will help to raise the level of expertise and practical skills in the field of geoeconomics, which unites the global economy and geopolitical strategy, and to contribute to community-building within the field.


We seek to contribute to innovation essential in solving the world’s problems and in creating a free, open and sustainable future.


We invite international thinkers and philosophers who will illuminate the future of an uncertain world and actively introduce their ideas and initiatives.

Art & Design

We pursue the possibilities of value creation through art, design, architecture and gardens.


In order to make a broader contribution to society in response to changes in international affairs, approximately 25 experts in the fields of international relations, geopolitics, area studies, social systems, governance, and innovation, who conduct research and make recommendations, engage in intellectual dialogue with Japanese and overseas experts and promote human resource development, are registered as researchers at I-House.


The historic cultural asset building overlooking the garden designated by Minato Ward as a place of scenic beauty provides a comfortable stay with conference rooms, banquet halls, bridal halls, dining rooms, library, and lodging rooms for interaction with people, encounters with food, and creation of knowledge.


In 1955 the I-House building was constructed under the collaboration of three prominent Japanese architects – Maekawa Kunio, Sakakura Junzō, and Yoshimura Junzō and was awarded the Architectural Institute of Japan Prize the following year. In August 2006, it was registered as a tangible cultural property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan.


Members support I-House’s mission and enjoy access to tangible and intangible benefits that membership confers. In addition to use of the facilities, members are invited to attend members-only social gatherings and lectures by renowned speakers from Japan and abroad.


Your support is essential for I-House to continue fulfilling this important role, serving as a center of intellectual exchange in the Asia-Pacific region and developing various programs and events that meet the needs of the new era.


Aiming to build a free, open, and sustainable future, the International House of Japan, together with like-minded members, has been striving to create a better future through intellectual dialogue with a diverse world, policy research, and cultural exchange programs.


Contribute to building a free, open, and sustainable future through intellectual dialogue, policy research, and cultural exchange with a diverse world.

International House of Japan

Asia Pacific Initiative