Your support is essential for I-House to continue fulfilling this important role, serving as a center of intellectual exchange in the Asia-Pacific region and developing various programs and events that meet the needs of the new era.

I-House is certified as a specified public interest promotion corporation and as an organization eligible for tax deductions. Donations to I-House are tax-deductible and eligible for preferential tax treatment in Japan. A “Furusato Donation” through Minato Ward in Japan, and a donation through the American Friends of I-House, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S., is also available.

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I-House aims to become a center of intellectual exchange for not only Japan but also the Asia-Pacific region and to make a greater global impact. With your continued support, we will create and pass on to subsequent generations a “place” where people can co-create a new society and expand our programming.

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