FAQ regarding the Merger

Q. 1: What will be the name of the organization following the merger?
A. 1: The merged organization will retain the name “The International House of Japan, Inc.” The name Asia Pacific Initiative (“API”) will continue to be used as branding for our programs.

Q. 2: Who will become the chairman following the merger?
A. 2: James Kondo, current Chairman of the International House of Japan (“I-House”) is scheduled to assume this position.

Q. 3: What will be the address following the merger? Will offices be relocated?
A. 3: The address will be “5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo,” the current I-House address. The API office will also remain at its present location for the time being.

Q. 4: Will there be any change in dues and other aspects of the I-House membership system?
A. 4: There will be no change in the membership system as a result of the merger.

Q. 5: Will API members become members of I-House?
A. 5: No, there is no system of individual membership at API. API has had corporate supporting members for its various programs but not for the organization as a whole, like I-House.

Q. 6: Where can I obtain information about your financial status following the merger.
A. 6: We will continue to publish financial statements on our Japanese website on a regular basis, as in the past.

Communications Group, The International House of Japan, Inc.,
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Corporate Department, Asia Pacific Initiative
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