I-House Ushiba

Ushiba Fellowship
Inviting distinguished contemporary thinkers to Japan for the purpose of bringing humankind closer together and transcending the North-South/East-West divides, this short-term exchange program aims at encouraging cultural dialogue for examining global agendas of the 21st century from a critical and alternative perspective.

Lecture Series with
Indo-Pacific Leaders

Leaders Shaping the Future of the Indo-Pacific
A lecture series inviting inspirational public intellectuals in the Indo Pacific working tirelessly to improve the situation of the socially vulnerable through grassroots activities and to learn about their perspectives and ideas.

Japan-India Programs

Japan India Programs
I-House has engaged in various exchange activities with India and Indian intellectuals since its early stages, when Prime Minister Jawaharlal was our guest. The programs offers a set of Japan-India exchange programs, including a distinguished visitors’ program, a seminar series on India, and performing arts events.

International House of Japan

Asia Pacific Initiative