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Shuhei Morofuji

Shuhei Morofuji



Shuhei Morofuji is the founder and the CEO of Reapra Group, which was established in 2014; a venture builder and investment group based in Singapore with a strategic focus on developing sustainable businesses, in accordance with a corporate mission to “Contribute to the betterment of society, by creating industries, through Research and Practices.”
Shuhei founded SMS Co., Ltd, one of the largest Asian healthcare information platforms with presence in over 13 countries and over 30 different revenue streams, in 2003. He was the CEO for 11 years and led the company's growth, including its listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and overseas expansion.
After retiring from SMS, he founded Reapra Group in Singapore in 2014 and has been expanding its investment coverage to South East Asia and Japan.
Shuhei also founded an education foundation “Katsuiku Kyoiku Zaidan” in 2015, which aims to transform education in Japan and beyond, by offering programs to develop the skills and mindsets needed to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing world; and founded an incorporated foundation “Unson Zaidan” in 2021, which is an organisation that aims to realise not only the wealth of the present, but also the wealth that will continue to the next 9 generations to come, by its research and practices.
*UNSON means "cloud-like distant grandchildren" in Japanese, referring to descendants nine generations into the future.
Shuhei was born in 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Kyushu University.

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