Rintaro Inoue

Rintaro Inoue

Research Assistant

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Rintaro Inoue is a Research Assistant at the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) & the Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG), the International House of Japan (IHJ), a Tokyo-based global think-tank, where he focuses on U.S. security policy, the U.S.-Australia alliance, Japanese defense policy, and economic statecraft including defense industrial base policy.

Prior to assuming his current position, he joined the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) as an intern and contributed to multiple projects including the Japan-U.S. Military Statesmen Forum (MSF). He is currently researching defense industrial policies of other countries in the International Security Order Group.

He received his BA and MA in law from Keio University and is now a PhD student.


U.S. security policy / U.S.-Australia alliance / Japanese defense policy / economic statecraft including defense industrial base policy

International House of Japan

Asia Pacific Initiative