Kota Umeda

Kota Umeda

Visiting Research Fellow


Kota Umeda is a visiting research fellow in Institute of Geoeconomics at International House of Japan. Mr. Umeda has more than eight years of experience working in the space industry, primarily focused on researching U.S. space policy, and he performed numerous research projects. From 2019- 2022, he had an assignment in Washington D.C. as a liaison officer to work with the U.S. government, industry, and other stakeholders to promote Japan- U.S. space cooperation. Prior to joining the space sector, Mr. Umeda worked for Japan Ministry of Defense for five years, where he served as a researcher for military activities surrounding Japan as well as experienced in formulating arms control and disarmament policy at the Ministry. Mr. Umeda holds a Master of Laws from Kyoto University and a B.A. in Policy Studies from Kwanseigakuin University.


Space policy/ Defense innovation/ Cybersecurity


Umeda, Kota, and Robert S. Wilson. 2023. “Space-Based Missile Warning.” Asia Policy 19 (1): 95–111.

International House of Japan

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