Yuichi Hosoya

Yuichi Hosoya

Director of Research, Asia Pacific Initiative
Group Head, Europe & Americas, Institute of Geoeconomics

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Yuichi Hosoya is professor of international politics at Keio University, Tokyo. Professor Hosoya was a member of the Advisory Board at Japan’s National Security Council (NSC) (2014-2016). He was also a member of Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on Reconstruction of the Legal Basis for Security (2013-14), and Prime Minister’s Advisory Panel on National Security and Defense Capabilities (2013). Professor Hosoya studied international politics at Rikkyo (BA), Birmingham (MIS), and Keio (Ph.D.). He was a visiting professor and Japan Chair (2009–2010) at Sciences-Po in Paris (Institut d’Études Politiques) and a visiting fellow (Fulbright Fellow, 2008–2009) at Princeton University.

[Concurrent Position]
Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University


The postwar international history / British diplomatic history / Japanese foreign and security policy / Contemporary East Asian international politics


Security Politics: Legislation for a New Security Environment (Tokyo: JPIC, 2019)

International House of Japan

Asia Pacific Initiative