Kisho Yoshida

Kisho Yoshida

Visiting Fellow


YOSHIDA Kisho is visiting fellow at the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) and the Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG), the International House of Japan (IHJ). He is an active Japan Self-Defense Force(JGSDF) Lt. Col.. He joined the JGSDF in 2009 and earned helicopter pilot qualification. He served as operations instructor, the JGSDF Aviation School, chief of operations section, the Western Army Aviation Group, personnel assistant, the Personnel and Education Department of the Ground Staff Office, and training planning officer, the Eastern Army Headquarters. He took Aviation Captains' Carrer Course(AC3), US Army Aviation Center of Excellence, and Command and General Staff Course(CGS), JGSDF Training Evaluation Research and Development Command(TERCOM).


National and international security policy / Military strategies

International House of Japan

Asia Pacific Initiative